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    Black History Month 2020

    Laboratory attendants in white (1909). From a photograph album compiled by Colonel Albert Ernest Hamerton, documenting the Royal Society Sleeping Sickness Commission, Uganda.

    To celebrate Black History Month 2020, we are highlighting previously unrecognised contributions and achievements of Black individuals and peoples to the history of science. 

    By providing richer, more diverse accounts of scientific history, we hope to start helping to redress the imbalance in historic and contemporary narratives of science and offer new and inspirational role models for future generations.

    We are continuing our work to explore the Society’s history and to address barriers to participation for underrepresented groups. For more information, please see our Diversity webpages.

    We will be updating this page throughout Black History Month.

    ‘A Celebration of Black Science’

    This online exhibit explores the scientific contributions and achievements of people of African and African-Caribbean descent, drawing on the Royal Society archives and other collections. 

    Twitter objects 

    For #BlackHistoryMonth, we looked through our collections for stories and uncovered some fascinating items. 

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