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    Policy projects

    Brexit and UK science

    President of the Royal Society Venki Ramakrishnan and lab group.

    The Royal Society is working to achieve the best outcome for research and innovation through the Brexit negotiations and support continuing relationships and build new ones across Europe and beyond.

    We need an outcome that: 

    • Keeps highly-skilled scientists working in the UK and ensures that talented people from around the world still choose to come here and contribute to our globally competitive science
    • Keeps access to money and networks that support the UK to work with scientists around the world, including through association to Horizon Europe
    • Maintains regulation that supports access to new medicines, technologies and constructive collaborations

    Find out more about the Society's work to build and maintain relations with the European and international science community.

    Find out more about the Society's work on research and innovation.

    Our work

    • Q&A for researchers: Access to research funding

      Frequently asked questions for scientists and researchers concerning access to research funding.

      Read the Q&A

    • Q&A for researchers: Working in the EU and UK

      Frequently asked questions for scientists and researchers concerning working in the EU and UK.

      Read the Q&A

    • The Royal Society's position

      Statement on the principles that should shape the UK’s future relationship with the EU in the area of research and innovation.

      Read our statement (PDF)

    • Horizon Europe

      Read our position on the UK seeking association to the ninth EU Framework Programme for research and innovation.

      Read the statement

    • UK research and the EU: People

      Researchers working in the UK are from around the world. 

      Read our factsheet (PDF)

    • UK research and the EU: Funding and collaboration

      When we do research, we build on the body of knowledge that has been accumulated through the work of people around the world, and add to it. 

      Read our factsheet (PDF)

    • UK research and the EU: Regulation

      In a globalised world, we need regulation that supports research and innovation and earns public confidence.

      Read our factsheet (PDF)

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